Sunday, December 27, 2015

Swipe & Shoot Update 10

We reached 10 updates!

Now this update is a little more...secret, because it's about a secret part of Swipe & Shoot that we have planned since the beginning, and are finally implementing.

Multiplayer. Check it out:

And yes, there are glitches galore, and lag from both the video and across the network.

So while Jack fixes up the campaign and adds to it, I will be focusing on the multiplayer aspect of the game. Though not quite yet, since, well, I'll be going to Rome until the 7th of January. So you, dear reader, can either wait until then, or send all your thoughts, and/or request to sign up for potential MULTIPLAYER TESTING to Or just sign up and play the single player game by signing up as a beta tester using this form:
Or play online here:
And please send feedback here:

Okay, I'll see you guys in about 10 days or so. Well, not really, since it'll be the weekend, but you get the point.
Oh, and just as a cool little extra thing, we used a lot of multiplayer aspects from one of my old and still beloved games called Multiplayer Madness, which you can play here: It's full of glitches, but it's an old game that can't really be fixed at this point. It's still fun to play, though. Also note, you won't be able to play it at school, because the school prevents connection with this technically unidentified server for safety, obviously. And since it uses Unity Web Player, it does not work in Chrome. Okay I have to go now.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Swipe & Shoot Update 9*

Thanks to everyone who signed up as a beta tester!

So essentially no progress today, other than us OFFICIALLY RELEASING THE GAME for all testers, and fixing a few game-breaking bugs. This has been an awesome week of progress on the game, and to those who are reading, know that this does not mean that there will be no more Swipe & Shoot updates. However, these updates will not be nearly as frequent, so maybe check back often if you are really looking forward to what's coming next. As always, you can sign up as a beta tester, but hurry up! There are only 15 slots if you want to play before December 29th! Though after that, there will suddenly be...let's see...2000 minus 10 is...1900 slots available. So don't delay! If you want to play SWIPE & SHOOT at your Christmas party and show off your super exclusive game to all your friends, sign up using this form:
And give us feedback! Either email, or fill out THIS FORM:
Or, if you either don't have an iPhone or are too lazy to sign up, just play online here:
It might be a little slower, harder to control, and may not work in all browsers, but hey, you can still play!

We really need the feedback though, especially with this being a very early version of the game. But in all seriousness, thanks for reading this, dedicated reader or person led here by Mr. Musallam. It's been fun working on this project, and I can't wait to keep adding to this game. As Jack said before, "this game has potential." 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Swipe & Shoot Update 8

So the extremely observant readers will have noticed that there was no update yesterday, and technically no update on Sunday either. But here is a major update today, that hopefully satisfies two days' worth of work.

We focused our energy over these past days on the training level (Boot Camp), which took about five times as long to make, because it was so different a normal level. If you want to see a play-through of boot camp, you can check it out here:

In addition, I spent some time adding to the main menu. Now, levels are locked until you beat the levels before it, just like an ordinary campaign.

This does mean that the popular endless mode requires you to make your way through six campaign levels, but hopefully that makes it worth it to play on.

And in case you didn't know already, BETA TESTING is now available to ANYONE (with an iPhone and an Apple ID), and you can sign up using THIS FORM:
That way, when we release the game within the next two days or so, you can stay updated with the latest versions, and, of course, play the game! If you do choose to sign up, give us feedback using this form here:

Happy holidays!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Swipe & Shoot Update 7

Some say this update is late, but maybe it's just really early!

So I realized that I didn't make much progress today, and once I got home, I decided to fix up a ton of major issues, so that we could release this game for beta testing before Christmas. Here's what I did!

 - Added motorcycle enemies for Level 4 (they are really glitchy at the moment though...)

 - Modified the level difficulty in Level 5
 - Now you only have to destroy the consoles in Level 5, rather the slaughtering all the enemies
 - Added text above the weapon pickup bar so you can tell what weapon you are picking up

 - Added a temporary "mission" text to see what type of level each level is

 - Added an explosion effect to the consoles for when you destroy them
 - Made it so you can't swipe into consoles to destroy them

Glitch Fixes:
 - Somewhat fixed the glitch where you can pick up weapons through obstacles (a much-hated glitch, for your information)
 - Fixed a sound glitch with shooting
 - Doors no longer block you from grabbing stuffs

Welp, that's it! I'm gonna see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, so I'm going to pretend that this update is my update for Sunday.

Email to become a beta tester!

Swipe & Shoot Update 6

So not much in the way of updates, but we are one step closer to truly sharing this project. Though if you think about it, the only reason you're reading this is because we already reached the point of sharing the project, so...think of this as a blast from the past.

Anyways, minor updates include:
 - Added awesome Level 5, where you must destroy the consoles in the enemies' secret bunker

 - Fixed glitch where you could pause after you won
 - Minor fixes to the difficulty level
And that's pretty much it! Don't get mad, we can't make tons of progress everyday. Soon, everyday will have less progress than this. Remember, send beta testing requests to!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Swipe & Shoot Update 5

No one likes days where there isn't much progress, but sometimes they just have to be there. Anyways, most of the changes we made were minor, so if you want to check them out, they were:

 - Levels have decreased difficulty
 - Fixed end points on some levels
 - Made shotgun enemies less OP
 - Added a menu for after you beat a level, including total kills and time taken

At the moment, Jack is designing another level, so brace yourselves. In the meantime, here are some videos of the game so far!

This video shows the campaign as of now:

This video is a basic play through endless mode:

And if you are wondering, Jack has the high score in endless mode, with 68 kills. So if you want to beat his high score, or play the game for yourself as new versions come out, email to become a beta tester! We already have one tester who isn't from SHC, and no one else do yourself a favor and email today! Though note that you need to have an iPhone in order to beta test. Sorry Android users.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Swipe & Shoot Update 4

By the way, I do realize that no one reads these. But that's okay. These posts are only here so that if this game ever gets anywhere, people can see the game's progress as it was.

Anyways, we made some major combined progress, and spent 5 hours working on the main menu (then we found a solution afterwards that was much easier than what we were trying to do...), and now it looks like this:

You can scroll through the levels, and levels will be unlocked as you play. Pretty simple.

We also fixed up that level I made (and by fixed, I mean Jack remade the entire level):

And that's pretty much all we did. We also added a new font, but the main menu was our main achievement. And though it doesn't seem that complicated, TRUST ME...the main menu was harder to make than you might think. Though in the end, it was THAT difficult...

Don't forget to ask if you either want to be a BETA TESTER (and you have an iPhone) or have a suggestion for the game!

And yes, we are going to figure out a way to make this game available for Android users as well.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Swipe & Shoot Update 3

Dang, these updates just get later and later...

Anyways, (yes, this game makes progress fast in low-homework weeks) we made some major upgrades to Swipe and Shoot today, and though we didn't finish, here are some highlights:

First off, we added a pause menu (finally), with some temporary art and font.

Then I made my first level (Jack had made all previous levels), and we only made minor changes to my level after I had finished.
Then we made a few tweaks here and there, and I made a temporary main menu screen to access all the current levels on the mobile version.

And that's about it! We plan on finishing up some minor issues TOMORROW, and open the project up for beta testing! If you want to try it out AS NEW VERSIONS COME OUT (and you have an iPhone), let Jack Southard know here: and he will take your suggestion into account.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Swipe & Shoot Update 2

Just some quick updates I was able to add today:

- More smoke from motorcycle
- Glitch fixes for motorcycle health
- Decreased damage from explosions

- New level types
     o Normal: Make it to the end of the level

     o Timed: Make it to the end of the level, but within a certain amount of time

     o Survival: Survive endless waves of enemies for a certain amount of time
     o Elimination: Kill all the enemies in an area

     o Timed Elimination: Kill all the enemies in an area within a certain amount of time
     o Endless: Fight endless enemies until you die...forever
- And more minor glitch fixes

That's all. Still got finals this week, so I gotta go!
And don't forget to email suggestions to!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Swipe & Shoot Update 1

So I have decided to put progress updates on my new game, Swipe and Shoot, here on this blog for those who really care. Since Friday, we have made a lot of progress on the game, now that homework is basically done. Here is an update of the latest version from my phone:, I should probably get back to studying for my finals, but before I go, here are the major new features:

- Vehicles (the motorcycle) with:
       o Health
       o Smoking particle effect
       o Decent controls
       o Proper speed, turning, etc.
- New enemy models
- Enemies have new weapons
- Minor changes to the swiping mechanic
- Borders on the map (that was Jack's decision)

If you are really dedicated/addicted to this game, you can check here every once in a while, or subscribe to my YouTube channel (jk please don't subscribe).
Suggest anything to!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Q2 I2 Project Benchmark (2015-2016)

EDIT: If you are here to review my project, I recommend reading my Q3 Summary instead, as it is more focused on my current project, rather than my old project.

Before you read the extremely long bit below, here’s a summary so you can skip it:
I have successfully, though not as successfully as I had hoped, learned the basics of 3D modeling. I am not extremely advanced, but I have enough basic skills to create a simple game.
However, late in the process of making the project, I realized that another project I was working on separately was turning out better than this one, so I am putting all of my focus on that project from now on. That project was another game called Swipe and Shoot, an iPhone game where you swipe to launch your character, and tap to shoot your enemies. Check out this video of a demo version here:, and send any thoughts and feedback to, the mastermind and creator of the game!

Now for the long version.
So things had been going pretty well on my original project over these past two months. However, my progress wasn’t tremendous, it was because a friend, named Jack Southard, pitched an idea for a new game to work on. I began work on the game, called Swipe and Shoot, as soon as he told me (in November), as it was really easy to work on.
Back on my original project, I had hoped that 3D modeling wouldn’t be extremely difficult to pick up, and with the help of the tutorials (which I linked to in my Q1 post), I quickly picked up the basics. I even planned to go a little further than my original goal for October (to learn the basics), and for Halloween, I planned to make a cool game, but I ran into several problems along the way. In case you wanted to know, the main issue was that your limited vision (see the video below) was crucial to the original gameplay, but it made the game annoying to play. So I scrapped the project. Here is a video of me playing the game. Don’t be afraid of the awful graphics and extreme lag: (also note, I wouldn’t consider this my progress).
In November, I didn’t work too much on my original project, since it was when Jack proposed the idea of Swipe and Shoot. Progress on Swipe and Shoot was doing exceptionally well, and was extremely fun to work on. However, as I was simply programing, with Jack doing the 3D modeling, I kept going with my original project plan, and when homework started to clear up again, I began working on my original project again (in addition to Swipe and Shoot). I did realize that my computer was too slow to use Fusion360 to its fullest extent, so I used Blender instead. I didn’t become AMAZING at 3D modeling, but I was able to learn enough to make a decent project, which was going to be linked below. However, after 4 and a half hours of essentially no progress (see the timelapse here:, I gave up on the project and decided to switch to Swipe and Shoot as my I2 project (also with the urging of some dedicated fans). Here are some clips of the evolution of Swipe and Shoot:

So, with a new project, here is my new plan for finishing Swipe and Shoot:
Add vehicles, melee weapons, and make a level select system
Make more levels for the campaign, add game mechanics
Make even more levels
Beta test with friends
Fix bugs, figure out how to publish game
Present the final product, make it available for all!

Got any suggestions? Send this guy: all your feedback! Seriously, this is your chance to help out with a video game!

And if you just so happen to be reading this, try reading Narayan's blog here: He's doing his project on robotics with his neighbor, and he sounds super excited about it. He plans to combine his current skills and refine them to make a newer, better robot. He's also on my robotics team (and so is Jack), so it's clear that his project will have a pretty awesome final product. As someone who has just started learning about robotics, I'm excited to see what someone with a little more experience can come up with. I would suggest that he start building his quadcopter a little sooner, but he seems to have a well laid-out plan so far.
Or, if you are looking for a project with less technology, try looking here: Kyle is learning to use his left arm/hand to do everyday tasks, something that I have always wanted/tried to learn. It's a unique yet interesting and useful idea, and it requires a lot of commitment. Kyle has an organized plan so far, and it will be interesting to see his progression throughout the year. My only suggestion is to ensure that he keeps a record of his accomplishments, though he likely does have a way.
But if you want something somewhat like my project, try, where Gavin plans to make a video game of his own. On his post, he links to a video using a 3D program called Unity, the very same program that I have been using to make all of my games for the past year, and the same program I have been using to make games this year. He also has a plan very similar to the type of plan I used when first making video games. I would suggest using some of the other tutorials for that program (assuming he will be using Unity throughout the entire process, which he might not), as they are both extremely helpful for beginners, but also presentable, complete projects to show as progress

“Trust me, this game has potential” - Jack Southard

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Q1 I2 Project Benchmark (2015-2016)

I plan to learn how to create and animate 3D models, and eventually make a prototype for a playable 3D game

Having made some simple games in the past using either 2D sprites or basic 3D shapes (cubes and spheres), I wanted to expand my skill set and try something new. Ever since I began making games, I always told people: "I'd learn 3D modeling, but I'm just too lazy." But despite my laziness, I still wanted to make fully 3D games. 3D models could be easier to work with, as they were more flexible than 2D characters. Plus, you could experiment with things in the real world, and bring new life to your favorite objects, places, and people, without forcing them into 2D images.
Now with a chance to learn and expand, I hope to improve my computer skills by creating and animating 3D characters, environments, and more. At the end of the process, I plan on combining these skills into a prototype for a playable 3D game, since making a full game will probably take several months. Throughout the process, I plan on making several mini projects, to test my skills in a real working environment, and see what abilities I have to shape my final game.

Although I came up with this project myself, there are some similar projects that I might use as references or guidance throughout the process. For example, this tutorial I found last year helped me design a simple multiplayer game, but the tutorial also had some tips for animating 3D characters that I didn’t use in my project. For my first month, I may use this tutorial for reference, though I may eventually move on to more advanced software options like Blender and Fusion 360. Once I reach that point, I may use these tutorials for Blender, and these tutorials for Fusion 360. I chose these tutorials mostly because they covered the basics of some of the 3D programs I will be using. I plan to use these tutorials as lessons, but not as steps for building my project. This will allow me to learn what I am capable of making, and can help me design an original but reasonably completable project.

So how will I manage my time? Well, this is my plan!
I will learn the basics of 3D modeling, and make some simple 3D models
I will focus on more advanced 3D modeling, and make a simple 3D game
I will learn the basics of 3D animation
I will learn more advanced animation techniques, and make a simple 3D animation
I will begin planning the video game, and design some of the assets
I will figure out what to include in the prototype, and make it
I will make any last changes or edits so the game is playable, and have friends test it
I will present the finished project!

I have made a basic game featuring some character and environment designs that I might use in my final project. It can be found here:
(May not work in all browsers...)
The game is incomplete, but it does feature original character designs and original music. I plan on using a fully 3D environment for the final game, as well as a completely different game genre.

Prepare for awesomeness guys!