Sunday, October 11, 2015

Q1 I2 Project Benchmark (2015-2016)

I plan to learn how to create and animate 3D models, and eventually make a prototype for a playable 3D game

Having made some simple games in the past using either 2D sprites or basic 3D shapes (cubes and spheres), I wanted to expand my skill set and try something new. Ever since I began making games, I always told people: "I'd learn 3D modeling, but I'm just too lazy." But despite my laziness, I still wanted to make fully 3D games. 3D models could be easier to work with, as they were more flexible than 2D characters. Plus, you could experiment with things in the real world, and bring new life to your favorite objects, places, and people, without forcing them into 2D images.
Now with a chance to learn and expand, I hope to improve my computer skills by creating and animating 3D characters, environments, and more. At the end of the process, I plan on combining these skills into a prototype for a playable 3D game, since making a full game will probably take several months. Throughout the process, I plan on making several mini projects, to test my skills in a real working environment, and see what abilities I have to shape my final game.

Although I came up with this project myself, there are some similar projects that I might use as references or guidance throughout the process. For example, this tutorial I found last year helped me design a simple multiplayer game, but the tutorial also had some tips for animating 3D characters that I didn’t use in my project. For my first month, I may use this tutorial for reference, though I may eventually move on to more advanced software options like Blender and Fusion 360. Once I reach that point, I may use these tutorials for Blender, and these tutorials for Fusion 360. I chose these tutorials mostly because they covered the basics of some of the 3D programs I will be using. I plan to use these tutorials as lessons, but not as steps for building my project. This will allow me to learn what I am capable of making, and can help me design an original but reasonably completable project.

So how will I manage my time? Well, this is my plan!
I will learn the basics of 3D modeling, and make some simple 3D models
I will focus on more advanced 3D modeling, and make a simple 3D game
I will learn the basics of 3D animation
I will learn more advanced animation techniques, and make a simple 3D animation
I will begin planning the video game, and design some of the assets
I will figure out what to include in the prototype, and make it
I will make any last changes or edits so the game is playable, and have friends test it
I will present the finished project!

I have made a basic game featuring some character and environment designs that I might use in my final project. It can be found here:
(May not work in all browsers...)
The game is incomplete, but it does feature original character designs and original music. I plan on using a fully 3D environment for the final game, as well as a completely different game genre.

Prepare for awesomeness guys!


  1. Dude mission accomplished

    1. Well technically...mission failed. I didn't make the models for Swipe & Shoot. But at least Swipe & Shoot has been semi-successful so far...