Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Swipe & Shoot Update 3

Dang, these updates just get later and later...

Anyways, (yes, this game makes progress fast in low-homework weeks) we made some major upgrades to Swipe and Shoot today, and though we didn't finish, here are some highlights:

First off, we added a pause menu (finally), with some temporary art and font.

Then I made my first level (Jack had made all previous levels), and we only made minor changes to my level after I had finished.
Then we made a few tweaks here and there, and I made a temporary main menu screen to access all the current levels on the mobile version.

And that's about it! We plan on finishing up some minor issues TOMORROW, and open the project up for beta testing! If you want to try it out AS NEW VERSIONS COME OUT (and you have an iPhone), let Jack Southard know here: and he will take your suggestion into account.

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