Thursday, December 17, 2015

Swipe & Shoot Update 4

By the way, I do realize that no one reads these. But that's okay. These posts are only here so that if this game ever gets anywhere, people can see the game's progress as it was.

Anyways, we made some major combined progress, and spent 5 hours working on the main menu (then we found a solution afterwards that was much easier than what we were trying to do...), and now it looks like this:

You can scroll through the levels, and levels will be unlocked as you play. Pretty simple.

We also fixed up that level I made (and by fixed, I mean Jack remade the entire level):

And that's pretty much all we did. We also added a new font, but the main menu was our main achievement. And though it doesn't seem that complicated, TRUST ME...the main menu was harder to make than you might think. Though in the end, it was THAT difficult...

Don't forget to ask if you either want to be a BETA TESTER (and you have an iPhone) or have a suggestion for the game!

And yes, we are going to figure out a way to make this game available for Android users as well.

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