Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Swipe & Shoot Update 11 (w/ feedback)

First of all, thank you again for all your feedback so far. Although I can't work yet, we will do our best as soon as I get back. 

One other thing to note before I get into the details, updates will be posted here every once in a while regarding what ideas will be implemented from you guys, and what we won't or can't put in. We'll put the names of those who provided the feedback, if they chose to put their name with the form. 

Regarding the "shooting-through-the-wall" glitch noted by Sawyer:
We were aware that this existed, but there were minor gameplay features that were lost with the code that prevented the glitch. Jack suggested we remove the code for now, which we did for the beta release. This code will be re-implemented and refined as soon as I get a chance, so do not fear. There are other glitches too, but we'll have to wait and see if you guys find them...

Both of the people who submitted feedback so far: Darian and Sawyer, agreed that Level 3 was too difficult. Though not as much for Darian. We have a way to solve this issue, and in addition, we will add a "beta unlock" feature that will unlock all levels, so that you can test every level, even if some are too difficult. That being said, although it's acceptable for the first few levels, we can't make every level too easy...

Both melee weapons and grenade-type weapons will be added. We just need to wait for Jack to make the models...

So far, people like the borders, but would rather have a visual added rather than the blue void. We will decide what to do AFTER we receive more feedback.

So far, our two testers would like there to be ambient sound effects. Though one of them didn't turn on the sound, so we'll have to wait for more feedback. 

New Areas:
So far, we think the "Nuclear Wasteland" idea from Sawyer is great, and we love the "Star Wars" themed idea from Darian, but just to be safe, we might just generalize it to be a "futuristic sci-fi" area, with some nods towards Star Wars included (like a lightsaber-type melee weapon!). Now remember, new areas take the longest to implement, so you can either be patient with Jack, or send emails every other hour to and tell him to hurry up. 

That's about all! Keep checking back here if you want to see if your suggestion will be in the game! 
Also, I think that this might set the record for longest non-required blog post here...


  1. Thank you for taking my comment seriously :)

    1. LV 3 was hard but not too hard. I beat all the levels quite easily

  2. Good to know. Glad it wasn't too challenging, unlike for someone...