Sunday, January 10, 2016

Swipe & Shoot Update 12 (w/ feedback)

So I'm thinking of doing these on a regular schedule rather than whenever feedback comes, but we'll see. We don't get much feedback in general, but long-time supporter Nicolas Chin gave us a ton of feedback a few days ago that's worth mentioning.

No comments on glitches so far, but we have fixed the "shooting-through-the-wall" issue mentioned earlier. It will be included in the latest version.

Nothing major regarding levels, though you may notice a slight change in Level 4 and a different change in Level 3 for reasons mentioned before...see if you notice. 

A flamethrower was suggested, which we have considered implementing before, but it will take some time to put in. We'll see if it works out, but it would be an awesome and unique addition. 
On the subject of weapons, we also plan on including another of Nicolas's suggestions, an overheating system (of sorts). Overheating will be time-based and different for each weapon. The weapon will glow red as you shoot, and will prevent you from shooting if you continue to shoot after a certain point, though we decided it won't damage the player. 

Nothing new here

New Areas:
Wasteland was mentioned a second time, so it seems that a wasteland area will be something to expect.
A jungle was also mentioned, though based on the perspective and gameplay, it may be a bit too difficult to navigate, or if made less tree-dense, too similar to the nature areas (though there would be some differences like treehouses and such). 
A beach idea also sounds pretty cool. Imagine the possibilities with water...though remember, water physics it will take some time. 

Other Things:
Just to address some other ideas that Nicolas mentioned:
He also suggested we add a home/title screen, which I suggested to Jack a while ago as well. It will be included in a future version, but it's just up to Jack to make the art and stuff...
A leaderboard was planned as well, but there's one major reason it might be the thing that takes he longest to implement. See, leaderboards and other server-based storage requires use of databases. A lot of people know about them, but I'm not one of those people, so it might have to wait until next year (maybe my next I2 project...if I'm still in I2). 

And speaking of databases, if you want to see someone who actually spent a long time learning about databases and has some games to rival my own, check out, an ongoing project featuring games made by the creator of the website, Joseph Lerner, as well as some games of my own. It's WAY better than my website (which I will not link to because it really is pretty pathetic), and even though he doesn't go to SHC, he's still a smart guy and he's made some great video games. A lot of our games are really old and require Unity Web Player, but there fun for what they're worth, and have some elements that were re-used in Swipe & Shoot.

And in case you were wondering, no, he did not ask me to add that bit, I actually asked him if I could. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a whole new project to start on, that's a little more...deadly. And no, you won't get that reference until and if the game comes out. 

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