Thursday, January 14, 2016

Swipe & Shoot Update 14

No introduction here, just wanted to say to all of those who keep up to date here that the new Swipe & Shoot update will hopefully be released THIS SUNDAY, so you don't have to ask anymore. I won't spoil everything just yet, but here are some things to look forward to in the new update, some of which were suggested by you!
 - 5 new weapons
 - 3 new levels
 - A title screen
 - Minor bug fixes
Gotta get back to work, but we hope the update comes out successfully and quickly! Remember, it will have to go through the BETA APP REVIEW once again, so we will hope to release it a little before then so it reaches you on Sunday. But regardless, we thank you for your patience. We put a ton of work into this new update and it's full of new features., so we hope you keep playing and having fun!

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  1. Sorry to those who may have read this yesterday...only you would understand
    (lol no one will get this)