Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Swipe & Shoot Update 17 (w/ feedback)

I know I normally don't post multiple updates per day, but this update, though semi-minor, is pretty important. Plus, I guess I'll include some updates regarding feedback here too...

Firstly, the app is through beta app review. However, we have decided not to open it for testing because we want to fully optimize (or at least somewhat optimize) the levels and overall game to minimize framerate issues. Some levels are nearly unplayable due to the lag, even on slightly newer phones (though it hasn't been tested on the iPhone 6 since we don't have one, so maybe it would work fine?). Anyways, we hope to open the app up as soon as possible, but if you REALLY want it now, just let us know somehow. And why mention this here rather than on Schoology or in person? Well it's simple: we aren't going to release it to the average casual Swipe & Shoot players until it's good, so only the hardcore blog-readers like you will have the power to get Swipe & Shoot released early.

But to satisfy this update, here are some bits of feedback we received last week that we will include in the full game eventually:

No glitch comments yet...

We do have bigger maps, even in this version. In fact, all the maps look a bit bigger now, but you'll just have to see for yourself. One map in particular is going to be much larger (well, longer rather than larger) than the others, so prepare yourself. We also rearranged the endless map, so it's now a bit bigger (almost too big), and more suitable for endless play.
Regarding the "tower" idea (Luca Herlein), there are rooftops levels now, and there will be a "climb-the-tower" style level in the game, just not exactly as you described it (so we don't have to make each floor with a unique design).
On a separate note, the next "level set" will be pretty quick to make and filled with some other highly-suggested features, so stay tuned.

We haven't received much feedback regarding weapons (previously approved weapon suggestions are still going to be included), but we WILL be eventually adding a laser weapon (Nathan Cramer), but we probably WILL NOT be adding a grappling gun (unfortunately). Maybe it will work later, but for now, it is not a high-priority weapon.

No comments on the audio, though we DO PLAN ON ADDING IT ASAP. We just need to find sounds and make music...

New Areas:
The historical settings idea is great (Zachary Jennings), but we may just add it as it's own level pack. That way, despite there being multiple battles in multiple various locations, we don't need to create tons of new levels based around each battle/war. Other than that, no suggestions for areas that we can remember, except for the factory idea. We might just put that into another level pack, but I hope that gets added.

That's all.

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