Sunday, January 24, 2016

Swipe & Shoot Update 20

First of all...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Well, birthday eve, I suppose. Anyways, we made some decent progress in Swipe & Shoot today. It wasn't tremendous, but it wasn't small either. First of all, Level 9, the level designed to top Level 8, is now complete! It's debatable if it's more difficult after all, but it certainly was quite a struggle to beat. Here, check it out

We also started on the latest level, Level 10, loosely inspired by an idea pitched by beta tester Luca Herlein. Here's another preview, this one much lower in quality. It will have a roof eventually, so don't worry. Check it out:

Alright I have to go, so don't delay! Check it out today!

Trust me guys, there's some awesome stuff coming. Also...20th update!!!

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