Tuesday, February 23, 2016

BBS2: Announcement

So in case you haven't noticed, there has been a noticeable break in Swipe & Shoot progress, and we are aware of this. Jack recently punched his computer out of commission (literally), so he hasn't been doing any work. And I have been working on something new.

See, last week was the one year anniversary of one of my old games, Block Bomb Survival. It's a simple fun game I made in about a day, where your goal is to survive endless waves of bombs and reach the bottom of the level, which is 100 blocks down. So to celebrate, I decided to make a sequel to this old classic (for myself, since no one here would know about Block Bomb Survival), which would fix old glitches, add new features, and be a better game overall. And I succeeded, even though the game is still essentially the same. In fact, several people have shown support for this temporary project.

So if you want something to do in this break in Swipe & Shoot progress, try out Block Bomb Survival 2! Now with 24 unique gamemodes plus whatever gamemodes you decide to create (that's right...in-game customizable gamemodes!) hopefully this will satisfy your gaming needs. If not, then don't worry, we have 2 awesome weapons already made, and 5 levels that are nearly complete for the latest Swipe & Shoot update! Oh, and about that update, apologies for the inconvenience, but it should be up soon. 

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