Wednesday, March 2, 2016

BBS2: Competition!

Based on the level of commitment a few people (including one notable player) have shown for Block Bomb Survival 2, I've decided to start a small competition for anyone interested. If you want to win a grand prize (undecided) and have some free time on your hands, be prepared for our Block Bomb Survival 2 competition!

The first person to beat every gamemode (excluding the "???" gamemodes, because those are locked for good reason) will win a super awesome prize, as well as permanent bragging rights as the true Block Bomb Survival champion! All those who win after that first person will receive minor prizes as well, and the satisfaction of truly defeating a hopefully challenging game. I'll be fixing any minor issues before the competition really starts (a couple gamemodes in particular are a bit TOO challenging). A couple of rules if you are considering:
- You can play wherever you want and whenever you want, even at home (if you are that dedicated)
- NO HACKS OR CHEATING (I won't tell you how to hack or cheat, but just don't do it)
- You should probably tell me (and show) that you are at least starting, so it won't be super awkward when you show up with every gamemode beaten
- You can have multiple people playing on the same device, but only ONE can take the grand prize, just so you know
- You cannot simply show a screenshot to win, it must be in the actual game
- You must be playing the latest version (though any older versions are probably more difficult)

Hopefully this will be at least some fun. If you want to train now or just play for fun, you can play online at, or for a less laggy version, download the game on your computer using these links:
Mac Download
Windows Download
Just download the entire folder, and the game will be there.

And again for the zero dedicated Swipe & Shooters, we have most of the new levels complete already, so hopefully the new update will be out soon. I've just been busy with rehearsals and such.

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