Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Swipe & Shoot Update 25

The showcase is nearly here, and the game is nearly complete!

As usual, these updates are completely useless, though they do act as a sign of "progress". Regardless, here's what's happened so far for those who care.

First of all, the last of the desert levels (which are probably the most intense, challenging, and epic levels of them all) have been complete for a few weeks now, and we've mostly been fixing some minor bugs and glitches that have been around for some time. We realized that some of the bugs will be in the final game, and that's okay, considering the level of quality one would expect from a game made by a couple of high school freshmen over the course of a few months. Some of these glitches include the classic "shooting through walls" (which we have now reduced, but not removed), enemies randomly disappearing, and all sorts of wacky physics glitches that have now become somewhat standard.

We've also done some minor refinements to the core gameplay, including replacing the straight swiping line with a more accurate arced line, which will allow the "hardcore" players to have swiping precision.

Other than that, the game will be up on the App Store (may take a little longer for the Google Play store, but we'll see) before the showcase (assuming that Apple doesn't just troll us and make us wait three weeks), and we'll be doing our best to advertise the game in the meantime.

We greatly appreciate your support, dear dedicated reader, for wasting your time on these pointless updates and helping us by pointing out all the problems with our game. Hopefully, your time will not have been completely wasted in the end.

And since you probably want some pictures, here are a few:

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