Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Q1 I2 Project Benchmark (2016-2017)

So as a couple people may remember, our project last year was making an original app (called Swipe & Shoot) that we successfully put up on the App Store. You can see all the previous updates for any information. I mean, the character is used for like all my profile pictures at this point, so you've probably seen SOMETHING from it at some point.

Anyways, this year we have a similar plan, though we don't plan on continuing with Swipe & Shoot. Instead, we've got a brand new idea for a completely new game. And whereas Swipe & Shoot didn't involve a lot of new skills to learn (other than dealing with Apple review system), this new game will have all kinds of new stuff to learn, mainly focusing on procedural generation for making a universe filled with planets to explore, though we haven't settled on an actual reward or end game yet.

The game will be known as SPATION*, and will feature a fully 3D low-poly universe with unique planets to explore. Players will control a ship and navigate the cosmos on a 2D plane, and can enter a planet's atmosphere to gather resources. We can't tell you everything yet, but trust us, there's a lot to come.

Finalize concept, begin creating generators for universe and planets
Add player ship and controls while planet terrain is designed and added
Continue work from October
Work on core gameplay
Work on core gameplay
Begin work on music, finalize core gameplay
Continue work on sounds, begin more testing, debugging, and marketing
Upload and share!

As you can see, our plan of action is pretty simple, though it's somewhat unevenly spaced out. Changes will probably have to be made throughout the process, especially with any projects (inside and outside of school) that may come up. For example, I'm currently working on two other projects (which will not be mentioned), and I'm taking a random extra computer science course that ends in December. Meanwhile, Jack is still working on his own multiplayer game, so who knows where that will take him. Fortunately, the second half of the year has a lot less stuff to do than the first half, so things can be pushed back with little to no consequences.

So my projects tend to be pretty independent, with the outside help usually only going as far as my dad and maybe a friend who knows a little more in a certain field than I do (like databases or something). And with Swipe & Shoot, that was still the case. We basically made the project on our own without any outside help, and we're not exactly sure what we'll need this year. We've got all the resources, and we've got our own ways of learning the necessary skills for the project, so all that's left is time. Last year, we usually worked over FaceTime whenever we found time, whether at robotics, at home, or even at school. This year though, we're thinking of working at Coding Club meetings (since why not) instead of robotics meetings, which conveniently happen to be at the same time anyways.

Long story short, we don't really need much yet. The project doesn't take a lot of "materials", and the only department we'll probably need help in is beta testing. But that comes later. In the patient. Updates on what the game is actually like and what it will look like are coming soon.

Prepare for awesomeness guys. Trust me, this game has potential.

*note, game will not be known as SPATION

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