Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Video Updates!

Well this is unexpected.

In case it wasn't already obvious (considering that the majority of you reading this probably know this already), this blog is now featured on the i2 homepage! So that means that I've got a lot of explaining to do.

First of all, I should probably mention that my i2 project is my gaming website, which I made over winter break as a central location for all of my Unity games from the past few years. You can find it here: njew.icnc.com

...although due to some server issues we had from a power outage, it isn't quite what it used to be.

And, as requested, here are some of the highlights from the making of this project:

I should also point out that the game I mentioned in my previous post (if you read it) is making steady progress. I haven't said much about it here, but I actually posted a video of the demo I presented at the showcase, which you can watch here:

But there's something extra special about those videos. Notice the music playing in the background? Yep, those are original songs.

And while they aren't anything exceptional, I'd say that they are some of my best songs, along with UrVolumeIsOn from our old Space Exploration game, which is definitely worth checking out. The song, that is, not the game. That game is dead.

You may not know this, but it takes a lot of work to write songs, as fellow i2 composer Steven Tom will probably agree. Especially when you're limited to lame instruments and you're trying to recreate multiple genres of music (but that's a story for another day).

But wait, there's more! You might notice that this blog features two people on it (even if only one of us is actually writing these posts), and while Jack and I aren't still working on the same project, we still work pretty closely on our personal projects.

In fact, Jack's latest project is coming along quite nicely. He's re-making one of his old games called "Poly", a massive online multiplayer game where you gather parts and segments to evolve your polygon creature. It's pretty hard to explain, but I think this screenshot might help:

So Jack is working hard on that, but due to finals it will probably be a while before we see any new progress. 

Anywho I think I've just about covered everything I needed to, so...

Good night!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Q3 I2 Project Benchmark (2016-2017)


Why haven't there been any more blog posts? Well there are several reasons. First of all, I haven't been as updated with all of the progress because it was all done by Jack Southard, as I spent literally all of my winter break working on CS50. The project became a lot cooler in that time, with better planet terrain, cool missions, all that good stuff.

But then Sawyer came along, with his super ambitious "Imperium" game that you probably haven't heard about because he hasn't even done his Q2 Benchmark post yet. But if he did post about it, he'd probably talk about how it's a 3-year project, and how's it's basically a multiplayer empire building real-time strategy game, blah blah blah. He's not really advertising it yet because he hasn't done a whole lot of work on it yet. But you know who has done a lot of work on it?

Jack Southard.

So now we're both working on Sawyer's project, which means our little unnamed space exploration game has been cancelled for who knows how long. And yeah, Sawyer's game is cool and all, but I'm not going to end this school year without finishing a single game.

So, in addition to Sawyer's project, I'm working on a project of my own, which I will present along with my gaming website that I made for CS50. The game is really just one big inside joke, but notice the key word there: big. It won't be Swipe & Shoot or Imperium levels of big, but it's going to take all month. Here's my plan:
- Work on the game
- Finish the game
- Present the game

I'd go into more detail but it would probably just sound like a bunch of coding jargon that no one wants to hear. Plus, my plan is really just to do what makes the most sense to tackle next, but just for the heck of it here's a quick to-do list I have:
- Make a cross-platform input manager (i.e. make it so controls work on mobile and PC) [done]
- Make a map generator that creates a tile-based terrain based on a pixel drawing
- Make enemies that can navigate said tile-based terrain
- Make a weapon management system that can handle multiple weapons at once
- Make a saving system that can save the current state of the map and the player

And yeah, that's most of it in a nutshell. My priority on this project is really making some semi-decent clean code for once, instead of lazily slapping together a couple sprites and calling it a "quality game" (although I guess that's what happened with Asteroid Escape...). It's going to require me to learn a couple new things as well, but for the most part it probably won't be exceptionally great.

So to give you a sneak preview of what it's going to be like...

Actually I don't have any pictures that will mean anything. Except for code.

But basically the game will actually have a story (though not necessarily a GOOD story), with all those things I mentioned above in a top down shooter-style game. There will be tons of weapons and even a couple boss fights (if I have enough time). It's going to be simple in terms of art, and the gameplay won't be very revolutionary, but hopefully if will offer a decent gaming experience and include some nice code for once.

So that's that. New game, new plan. Here's to a deadly last month of hardcore coding.